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Gas Caps

This is a situation where less is definitely more. A low profile flush mount gas cap is the ultimate finishing touch to a great custom paint job.

This hi-tech aircraft style cap is a quality part that can either be welded or bolted into a steel or aluminum gas tank. They are available in a 2-1/4” or 3” diameter cap size. The diameter of the weld-in bungs are 3” for the 2-1/4” and 3-1/2” for the 3”

The diameter of the bolt-in flange is 3-3/4” for the 2-1/4” and 4-3/4” the 3”caps. The weld-in style bung is made with a “bondo rim” which allows for a stopping place when touching up the bodywork. The 2-1/4” caps are available with a key lock and all caps come either vented or non-vented. These caps are a quality product manufactured in England exclusively for Custom Cycle Engineering.

2 1/4 Inch

3 Inch

Gas Cap Only