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Solenoid Housing Switches


We call them our “Low Down Starter Switch”.  Initially developed as a tuning tool that bumped the motor around easily instead of spinning the rear wheel to adjust the timing, the Solenoid Housing Switch encompasses many functions. The most popular is the elimination of the starter button and relay. It also functions as a simple back up system to a faulty starter button or a relay short.

The solenoid starter switch replaces the solenoid cover on stock 1.4KW ‘91 and up starters.  We also manufacture them for aftermarket starters with KW outputs of 1.4, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.4. (Check which starter you have as they are all different.) When the starter shaft is pushed in the solenoid is manually engaged and the starter turns over.

Our switches are offered in three finishes (chrome, polish or black wrinkle powder coat) and several ‘character’ buttons in addition to the stock round (dice, skull, maltese cross and 8-ball).





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1.4-1.6-2.0-Solenoid Switches